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Forms Designed By Experts

Colleagues is unique – we take your existing form and adapt it for use with our Matrixx software and whichever device (or devices) you wish to use.

We listen to your requirements and build the business rules to meet them. Colleagues can work with you to create a solution that is as unique as your business.

Features Form Design

Works Offline and Online for Flexibility and Convenience

Matrixx e-forms enables Field Workers to fill-in and complete their Digital e-forms offline and automatically synchronize the completed forms once they are connected to the internet.


Dynamic Forms

As a form is completed Matrixx business rules show only the relevant dropdown menus based on previously completed fields.

Dynamic Forms
Mobile Devices

Works on Any Mobile Device

We support all the major mobile operating systems from Apple, Andriod and Windows.

So whatever your favourite flavour, Our Matrixx mobile app will work seamlessly and fit to your workflow.



Make full use of your data.

Colleagues offers sophisticated Business Intelligence reporting (optional). Dynamic dashboards and drill down and drill through electronic graphing are just some of the features we offer.



Data collected using e-forms can be exported from the Matrixx Portal in csv or xml format and integrated with your company’s backend legacy systems.


Matrixx Online Portal

Matrixx software collates all the captured data, can apply business rules to the data and provides comprehensive summary for analysis, reporting and export.

The unique customised dashboard will show the number of forms completed daily, weekly and in total. submitted them.

Easy to use and simple to update the Matrixx Online Portal provides instant access to collected data and completed forms.

The system produces a range of dynamic graphs and reports using the recorded data.


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